Shapes and lines are the building blocks of our city, from skyscrapers to pedestrian crossings. It may seem repetitive alone, but when light and shadow meets geometry, it adds a third dimension. All of a sudden the mixes and matches open up numerous possibilities. Unfortunately, these shapes may only last for a short moment. 

As a musician, Hong Kong Cultural Center has a special place in my heart. I have always been fascinated by the geometry around Hong Kong Cultural Center. While it was criticised for its dull design, the slanting pillars allow light to shine into the gallery. This pattern not only changes during each day, but also during each season. Such ephemeral geometry mirrors the notes playing inside the music hall of the building. 

The series consists of four movements, each named after an element in classical music. I used high contrast monochrome to capture the light and shadow cast by the architecture. I also included life as an element to illustrate how people interact with this public space. I hope to share with you my interpretation of this controversial piece of architecture and life around it. 

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